Journal of Belarusian Studies


Established in 1965, the Journal of Belarusian Studies is the oldest English-language scholarly periodical on Belarusian studies in the world. It aims to promote interdisciplinary exchange between scholars in all major fields of Belarusian studies. The substantive focus of the peer-reviewed journal is on Belarusian society, particularly on societal and cultural change.




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Open Access Highlight: Roma Writings

The book focuses on the early period of Roma publishing (from the nineteenth century until the Second World War) when the first original texts, fiction and media publications authored by Roma appeared. They are discussed in their historical context and in interrelation with the Roma emancipatory movement.

The Dostoevsky Journal: A Comparative Literature Review

A refereed international interdisciplinary journal promoting deconstructive readings of the works of F. M. Dostoevsky in conjunction with other texts of the European literary and philosophical canon.

Early Russian Cinema Online

Early Russian Cinema Online is now available as a full text searchable collection as the original documents have been OCR-ed. It now also offers search for Cyrillic texts.


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