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Founded in 1923, the Academy has for decades served as a global center for research about and teaching of international law.

Brill | Nijhoff, in partnership with the Academy, publishes several prestigious publications.




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Brill and Jus Mundi: The Search Engine for International Law Announce Partnership

Brill is pleased to announce its partnership with Jus Mundi for the distribution of Jus Mundi – Academic Research to the global academic market.

New at Brill | Nijhoff: the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law

The Yearbook serves as a valuable tool in the determination of trends, state practice and policies in the development of international law in New Zealand, the Pacific region, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and to generate scholarship in those fields.

Rosenne's Law and Practice of the International Court: 1920-2015 Online

The Fifth Edition (updated through 2015) of Rosenne’s Law and Practice of the International Court is an essential component of all international law libraries, and an indispensable work for those practicing in the field.


Acquisitions Editors

Marie Sheldon

International Law

Lindy Melman

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