Praise for the Field Guide to the Birds of Suriname

"[...] this is a relatively portable, admirably concise and well illustrated field guide to the birds of Suriname. And I bet it works for much of Guyana and French Guiana too." – James Lowen, in Neotropical Birding



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Contributions to Zoology Joins Brill Biology Program

International publisher Brill is pleased to announce the addition of the Open Access journal Contributions to Zoology to its Biology publishing portfolio. Brill has taken over the publishing responsibilities from Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Revised and updated version of Archostemata-Myxophaga-Adephaga

This new edition of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera gives a taxonomic overview of the most diverse group of all organisms living in the world-largest biogeographical area.

Now available at Brill: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

The Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution includes high-quality original research and review papers that advance our knowledge and understanding of the function, diversity, abundance, distribution, and evolution of organisms.


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Stefan Einarson

Biology, Perception, Behaviour