Introduction: A New Vantage Point for the Study of the Peshitta of Hosea

in The Translation and Translator of the Peshitta of Hosea
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The Peshitta translation is a significant data source for textual criticism, historical reconstructions of ancient Syria, and the field of Translation Studies. Any attempt to analyze the Peshitta as a translation faces the problem of methodological circularity given the fact that its source text is non-extant—one needs a source text to conduct the investigation, but the investigation itself provides a basis for identifying and describing the source text. The author describes a methodology for moving forward in light of this impasse. Finally, in light of the shortcomings of previous studies, he argues for the importance of a study that focuses on the book of Hosea and analyzes the Peshitta translation based on the insights and methodology of current Translation Studies.