The Tertiary Education System and the Double Alienation of Israeli Arabs from Arabic

in Arabic Instruction in Israel
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Chapter three analyses Arabic grammar instruction in the Arab sector. The double marginalisation of Israeli Arabs—both in the Arab world and in Israel—emerges as critical. Arabic students throughout the Arab world are alienated by the prevalent outmoded approach to Arabic grammar instruction. The approach reflects the pre-Modern conditions of its emergence, is preoccupied with the stylised declamation of desinential inflection, and is exclusively focused on Classical Arabic. This forms an already fraught basis upon which Israel’s higher education system adds a further layer of alienation. The Arabic grammar that is taught at universities is different from the one that is taught in the Arab education system, is entirely irrelevant to Arab students, and is delivered in alienating ways by a tertiary system that is dedicated to satisfying the educational needs of Jewish students and the intellectual interests of Jewish academics. Jewish institutions monopolise the institutional power that affects Arabic grammar in Israel. Arab intellectuals lack the necessary resources to assume control over Arabic grammar and its instruction even in the Arab sector.

Arabic Instruction in Israel

Lessons in Conflict, Cognition and Failure