The monograph of Dr Wyssbrod on the exportation of genetic resources outside the national jurisdiction of States is a unique study in international law on this subject, analysed at a broader background of patents, law of the sea and environmental protection. This study also takes into consideration extra -legal factors such as socio-economic, scientific and ecological factors. Valérie analyses the legal definition of a genetic resource within the contexts of patents, the law of the sea and biological diversity. Dr Wyssbrod analyses carefully existing legal regimes concerning marine scientific research; exploitation of minerals; biological resources and archaeological objects and ecolabels.

Valérie evaluates possible regimes for the exploitation of such resources; a new regime; the continuation of the existing regime, with the reliance on soft law instruments and the use of ecolabels.

This monograph is not only an in-depth critical examination of the status of the exploitation of genetic resources but is firmly entrenched in international law, such as the analysis of the soft law instruments and the examination of the legal regime of the sea, including common heritage of mankind.

This book is a meticulously researched and very intellectually stimulating study of one of the most intriguing aspects of international law. It is very innovative and presented in such manner that it is of interest for scholars and practitioners.

I am very proud to include this monograph in the present sentries.

Professor Dr. Malgosia Fitzmaurice

Chair of Public International Law at the Department of Law, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London (qmul) London, 19th April 2017