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in World Trade Systems of the East and West
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3.1 Raw silk imports into Nagasaki, 1633–1683 (in catties) 95

7.1 Comparative value of Chinese and voc silver exports from Nagasaki, 1663–1672 181

7.2 Chinese versus voc share of trade at Nagasaki, 1673–1683 (all values in taels of silver) 182

9.1 Scale of voc silver exports from Nagasaki, 1650–1672 227

9.2 Scale of Chinese junk silver exports from Nagasaki, 1650–1672 228


1.1 Exacta & accurata delineatio cum orarum maritimarum … China, Cauchinchina … nec non insulae Japan & Corea…, Arnold van Langren, 1595 26

1.2 Woodblock print displaying ore cleaning and crushing process 36

1.3 Woodblock print displaying gold and silver liquation mining process 37

2.1 Oldest known map of Nagasaki, unknown Japanese artist, c. 1637 52

2.2 Bell at Shuntoku-ji Zen temple on site of former Todas os Santos seminary 69

3.1 Nanban Byōbu screen portraying the arrival in Nagasaki of the Great Ship from Macau (left side) 88

3.2 Nanban Byōbu screen portraying the procession of the Capitão-Mor and priests in Nagasaki (right side) 88

4.1 Woodblock print of Dutch ship under full sail (late Edo period) 104

5.1 The siege of Hara castle from the Shimabara-ki (島原記), 1640 130

5.2 Giant cannonball forged in 1638 by Ayama family of casters in Nagasaki 132

6.1 Sueyoshi “red seal” ship bound for Tonkin, with foreign pilots and sailors, 1633 146

6.2 Woodblock print of large ocean-going junk 156

7.1 Woodblock print of Chinese procession in Nagasaki (late Edo period) 174

7.2 Main Entrance to Sofukuji temple, Nagasaki 177

7.3 Woodblock print of Chinese mandarin (late Edo period) 185

7.4 The Tokai (Chinese interpreter) family grave dating from 1660–70 191

7.5 Gate of Nagasaki Seido or Confucian Shrine, c. 1711 191

8.1 Woodblock print of European lady (late Edo period) 196

8.2 Nagasaki port and town by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin (1744) 198

8.3 Woodblock print of Dutch on Deshima at mealtime (late Edo period) 213

8.4 Woodblock print of Dutchman with Javanese slave-boy (late Edo period) 213

8.5 Woodblock print of elephant bound for Edo (late Edo period) 219