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ContentsAcknowledgements VIIA Note on Spelling VIIIFigures and Maps IXMaps XIIIntroduction 1Hungarian Military Organization, 1387–1526 8The Inheritance: Political and Territorial Structures 11The Angevin Legacy 15Sigismund and his Reforms 18The Armies of Hunyadi 26King Matthias – the Myth of the Black Army 28The Jagiellos: Adaptation under Pressure 39The New Enemy: Hungary and the Ottomans, 1389–1429 51The First Contacts between Hungary and the Turks 51The Battle of Nicopolis 55From Nicopolis to Golubac 65The Siege of Golubac 70From Golubac to Belgrade, 1428–1456 77The Last Years of Sigismund 77Albert to Wladislas I – Troubled Times 82The First Ottoman Wars of Hunyadi, 1441–1443 92The War of Illusions: The Long March, 1443–1444 105The King’s Death: The Varna Campaign 120The Last Offensive: The Battle of Kosovo Polje, 1448 141On the Defensive: From Kosovo Polje to Belgrade, 1448–1456 166The Siege of Belgrade, 1456 174From Belgrade to Vienna: King Matthias and the Ottomans, 1458–1483 188Securing the Borders, 1458–1466 188Hungary and the Fall of Serbia, 1457–1459 188Conflicting Views: King Matthias and Mihály Szilágyi, 1459–1460 199The Return of Mehmed II to the North 203From Jajce to Zvornik, 1463–1464 208“Passive Resistance”, 1465–1466 221Turning West, 1467–1483 228The Years of Disengagement, 1467–1475 228The Siege of Šabac 243Transylvania, Bosnia, Otranto, 1478–1482 260The Wars of the “Long Peace”, 1483–1520 278The Last Years of Matthias 280From War to Peace, 1490–1495 284A War that Nobody Wanted, 1499–1503 298Shifting Alliances, 1508–1511 323Under Pressure Again, 1511–1513 329Towards the Edge of the Abyss, 1514–1520 348The Collapse, 1521–1526 372The Third Siege of Belgrade, 1521 372Preparing for the Deluge: After Belgrade, 1522–1525 395The Final Countdown, 1525–1526 416The Battle of Mohács 424Conclusion: Why Did Hungary Lose? 445The Fall of Medieval Hungary, Part One: The Superiority of Ottoman Military Organization 446The Fall of Medieval Hungary, Part Two: Fiscal Breakdown 452Bibliography 463Index 486