ContentsForewordBrenda G.HarrisVIIAbout the Artist: An Example of Critical Teaching Enacted in the Classroom of Luis-Genro GarciaXNotes on the AuthorsXVWhat Is Going on in Teacher Education in the United StatesAn Introduction1Tried and TrueGeoffreyJaynes9Bianca: New Footprints on the Well-Trodden Path10Cecilia: Wisdom Is Earned through Experience19Covington: A Journey through the Hundred Acre Wood27George: The Last 100 Meters39Hillary: Teaching Is a Lifestyle51Jasmime: What Teacher Educators Can Learn from Teacher Candidates58Ximaroa: All Things Considered68Miquel: The Great Emancipator of Education75Owen: Is Math that Terrible?83Vijay: Education and the Pursuit of Happiness93Wade: A Teacher’s Last Step before Game Time103Mary: The Bell Rings … The Journey Begins113Kaitlyn: Three Things I Learned during My Student Teaching Experience121Lauren and Patricia: An Elementary Prison128Jordan and Catherine: Realizations about Classroom Environment137Through the Fire: A Critical Race Perspective toward Preparing Critical Educators145AfterwordKerriTobin163References167

Through the Fire – From Intake to Credential

Teacher Candidates Share Their Experiences through Narrative