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Gratitude is a virtue connected with generosity of the heart. I view virtue as necessary for valuing the flow of time. Accordingly, I wish to thank the many people who have taught me in countless ways by generously sharing their lives and knowledge.

To a great woman, Miriam Jiménez, whose love has shown me the bright force of courage. To our beautiful children Maitreyi, Aura and Mateo, thanks for their love and inspiration. They have taught me the importance of living life enthusiastically and eagerly by smiling always and showing me our true nature: a pure heart. Thanks to my brothers Emilio, Cuauhtémoc, Quetzal, and my sister Xóchitl, for their strength and hope.

Ken Tobin and Alejandro J. Gallard Martínez, scholars who have opened my mind through their mentoring by providing personal examples of intelligent, precise and ethical scholarship especially during hard times, I thank you. A special note of gratitude is for Professor Alejandro J. Gallard Martínez along with Professor Lizette Ramos de Robles who reviewed this book, provided editorial comments, and expanded conceptual ideas by sharing their knowledge.

To Asoke Battacharya for his work on Tagore and philosophy of education that inspired some parts of this book. To Gustavo Canzobre for his energy and light, which is a presence for a better future. To Benjamin Preciado for his inspiration and friendship. I wish to thank our grandmother Radha Bhatt for shedding a special light on me working for peace and non-violence in our societies and educational settings. Sonia and Juan Carlos, thank you, both of you are genuine peacemakers. To Swami Shantananda for his blessings and his work on Sanskrit texts that have always kept my heart delighted with the teachings of our past and present siddhas. To Professor Luciano Floridi, a philosopher who inspires my research and the work in Chapter 5 of this book. To Professor Chakravarthi Ram Prasad, a mentor and a philosopher of our times, his scholarship still guiding my own scholarship. To my dear Elsa Cross, a poet of our time, a friend, a mother, a scholar guide in dark times and for her inspiring me through her poetics and aesthetics. To Mark Dyczkowski, always a friend and a scholar in his own way. His work contributes to contemporary Indology with his translations and work on consciousness in Sanskrit Philosophy. To Daffny Rosado, a great human being who is always a wise friend and a genuine educator. To the loving memory of my friend Ambassador Roque González Salazar. Also, I wish to thank Alexandra Aktories, Isabel Ávila and Margarita Gasque, my friends and sisters who always nourish my search for truth and my hunger for a better world. Thanks to the many people I have met over these years who inspired me by allowing me a glimpse at their dreams.