Editorial Foreword

in Towards a Theory of Denominals
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It is no secret to anyone who has followed my career at all that I am partial to the Balkans; the focus in just about all of my research on Greek and more recently Albanian demonstrates that clearly. And, thus, even though the list of languages covered in this Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory (EALT) series is admirable, I believe, with volumes dedicated to languages ranging from Asia (Mongolian, in volume #1 by Robert Binnick) to Europe (e.g. Danish, in Peter Juul Nielsen’s volume #9, and Italian, in #4 by Francesco Gardani), with a stopover along the way, so to speak, in Africa (Malagasy, volume #3 by Dimitrios Ntelitheos), not to mention the languages treated as sub-foci (e.g. Dutch, French, German, and Turkish in Pieter Seuren’s volume, #11), that partiality has admittedly shown up in the appearance of a volume with a focus on Greek (Angela Ralli’s edited volume #13) and another with a focus on Romanian (Virginia Hill’s #5 on vocatives).

But one can never have too much of a good thing, so when the opportunity came my way to have a chance to consider another study for the series that focuses on Romanian data, it naturally was of particular interest to me. After a favorable review, my own positive inclination towards the subject matter was confirmed, and the present volume, Dr. Bleotu’s study of denominal verbs in Romanian, was on its way to becoming the reality you have in your hands.

Just like all of the volumes in this series, the current work offers a serious descriptive contribution, in particular regarding verbs of location and verbs of instrument, a laudable accomplishment on its own. But it is more than that; in fact, it is primarily a study in syntactic theory, examining the mechanisms by which denominal verbs are generated, but it tests the theory through a careful examination of data from Romanian. And the ultimate conclusion favoring a “spanning” approach is a novel theoretical contribution in its own right. Moreover, this work highlights some important points of difference between Romanian and English regarding certain types of denominal verbs, e.g. those involving locations. In this way, Dr. Bleotu’s work fulfills the goals of the EALT series, and I am pleased—thus for many reasons—to be able to include it in the series.

Brian D. Joseph

EALT Series Editor

Columbus, Ohio USA

22 June 2019