Appendix 3 Catalogue of Amphoras Classified as Wine Containers Discovered in Italy between the 1st c. BC and Late Antiquity

In: Eastern Wines on Western Tables
Author: Paulina Komar
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This appendix is based on information from the University of Southampton (2014) Roman Amphorae: a digital resource [data-set]. York: Archaeology Data Service [distributor] The catalogue excludes Knossos 22 and Schoene-Mau XLI forms.





Eastern Mediterranean—the Aegean region



450/430 BC–early 1st c. AD

Dressel 2–4

Aegean (especially Cos), Cilicia

1st c. BC–2nd c. AD (Cilician variant 1st–2nd c. AD)

Dressel 5/Knossos A53


1st c. BC–2nd c. AD

Camulodunum 184


Late 1st c. BC–mid-2nd c. AD

Crétoise 1 (AC1)


Early 1st to mid-4th c. AD

Crétoise 2 (AC2)


Early 1st–early 3rd c. AD

Crétoise 3 (AC3)


Early 1st–mid-3rd c. AD

Crétoise 4 (Dressel 43)


Early 1st–early 3rd c. AD

Agora F65–66

Coastal areas of Asia Minor, including the region of Ephesus

Mid-1st c. BC–4th c. AD

Schoene-Mau XXVIIXXVIII/Agora G199


1st–4th c. AD

Agora G198/Schoene-Mau XIII


1st–2nd c. AD

Agora M54


1st–2nd c. AD

Schoene-Mau V/Pompeii 5


1st–mid-2nd c. AD

Eastern Mediterranean—the Levant and Egypt

Kingsholm 117/Peacock&Williams 66


1st c. AD

Amphore Égyptienne 1

Egypt (around the shores of Lake Mariout)

3rd c. AD

Amphore Égyptienne 2

Egypt (around the shores of Lake Mariout)

2nd c. AD

Amphore Égyptienne Bitronconique 3

Egypt (around the shores of Lake Mariout, Hermopolis Magna, in the Faiyum and at Zawyet el-Maietin)

Late 1st c. BC–5th c. AD

Late Roman amphoras from the Eastern Mediterranean


Cilicia and Cyprus, possibly Syria and south-Aegean

Mid-3rd–mid-7th c. AD


Western Asia Minor, including Ephesus, the Meander Valley, Kusadasi, Miletus and possibly Pergamon

4th–6th c. AD

LRA4/Almagro 54

Coastal southern Palestine

4th–7th c. AD


Palestine, possibly North Egypt from the late 5th c. AD

1st/2nd c. AD–c. 750 AD


Egypt (Oxyrhynchus, Hermopolis Magna, Antinoopolis, Akoris and Lake Mariout)

Late 4th–7th or 8th c. AD

Agora M273

Eastern Mediterranean islands or mainland

4th–5th c. AD

Samos Cistern Type

Samos, possibly the Turkish coast around Halicarnassus, the lower Maeander valley area and the eastern Aegean

6th–7th c. AD


Lamboglia 2

Adriatic coast

2nd–1st c. BC

Dressel 6A

Adriatic coast

Late 1st c. BC–mid-1st c. AD

Dressel 2–4


c. 70 BC–early 3rd c. AD

Forlimpopoli amphora

NE Italy, area of Forlimpopoli

1st c. BC–early 3rd c. AD

‘Di Spello’ amphora

Umbria, central Italy (Tiber Valley in particular)

1st–2nd c. AD

‘Di Empoli’ amphora

Arno Valley (Empoli)

2nd–5th c. AD

Keay 52

Calabria, possibly Sicily

4th–7th c. AD


Gauloise 1

Gallia Narbonensis, essentially the lower Rhône Valley

1st–3rd c. AD

Gauloise 2

Gallia Narbonensis and Provence

Around 40 BC to the Augustan period

Gauloise 3

Gallia Narbonensis, Chartres, Noyon, Châlon-sur-Saône, Sens and the Bordeaux region

1st c. AD

Gauloise 4

Narbonne, Languedoc, Provence

1st–3rd c. AD

Gauloise 5

Gallia Narbonensis (an imitation was produced in the region of Bordeaux in Aquitaine)

1st–2nd c. AD

Dressel 28

Velaux, Bouches-du-Rhône, but mostly produced in Spain

1st–2nd c. AD


Dressel 30 (Keay 1A, B and Tunisian variants)

Mauretania Caesariensis and the cities of Tubusuctu/Tiklat or Saldae/Bougie; Zeugitana region of Tunisia at Neapolis/Nabeul and in the Cap Bon region at El-Assa and in the Byzacena region at Salakta

3rd–4th c. AD

Africana IID

Hadrumetum in the Sahel region of Roman Byzacena, as well as at Leptiminus, Sullecthum, Thaenae, Oued El-Akarit.

3rd–4th c. AD

Africana III A

Tunisia, mainly Zeugitana and Byzacena, possibly Algeria

3rd–4th c. AD

Africana IIIB

Nabeul and probably in other parts of Tunisia

4th c. AD

Africana IIIC

Tunisia, mainly Zeugitana and Byzacena

4th–5th c. AD

Spatheion 2

North Africa

5th–6th c. AD

Spatheion 3

Variant C is attested to in the Zeugitana region at Neapolis and variant D in the Byzacena region at Moknine.

6th–8th c. AD


Dressel 28

Guadalquivir valley of Baetica, but also produced in France

1st–2nd c. AD

Dressel 2–4 Catalan

Hispania Tarraconensis from Tarragona to Girona.

1st c. BC–2nd c. AD

Haltern 70

Baetica: upper and middle Guadalquivir valley, the Marismas, and the Huelva and coastal region

1st c. BC–2nd c. AD