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The editors thank Xavier Cortada for his delightful and warm cooperation in this project and for arranging the rights to reproduce images of his art. His paintings inspired what follows in these pages. May It Please the Court was displayed at the Supreme Court of Florida and is on loan by the artist to Florida International University College of Law, Miami.

We thank Dean Antony Page of fiu College of Law for supporting and encouraging this work. We also thank our colleagues Thomas E. Baker, Stanley Fish, and John F. Stack, Jr. for their thoughts and suggestions on this project. Kimberly Wittman, an fiu law student with substantial skills in humanities publication and production, assisted with the editing and preparation of the manuscript. We thank her for her careful work.

We thank Zenaida Pirri for her photographs of Cortada’s works. The Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa, granted permission to reproduce Francis Bacon’s Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent x (1953), and we thank Rich Sanders for his photograph of this work.

Painting Constitutional Law

Xavier Cortada’s Images of Constitutional Rights