The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations in the Arab Spring (2010-2013)

In: Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible
Author: Ibrahim Natil

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The purpose of this chapter is to study the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations in responding to the Arab Spring (2010-2012) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). By focussing on various youth organisations in the OPT, this chapter will examine the established interests, reactions and responses to the Arab Spring. It includes how these organisations shaped and contributed to establish new conventional power structures. The chapter will consider a number of social, economic and political factors, circumstances and changes that have influenced the Palestinian NGOs in responding to the Arab Spring in the OPT. To examine the role of these organisations in the Arab Spring, the chapter will examine the efforts and activities delivered by these local organisations who participated in the regional forums and conferences to support the changes and democratic transformation in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.