On Negation in Kurripako Ehe-Khenim

In: Negation in Arawak Languages

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In this chapter I present the two strategies for negation present in the Ehe-Khenim dialect of the Kurripako-Baniwa continuum. After a brief background of the language and its speakers, I provide examples collected in the field of the various strategies, and describe their similarities and differences, in order to provide more data on this under-described and endangered language. One strategy employs the negative marker khenim and its contraction khen and the other involves the commonly-found privative Arawak morphological marker ma-. The negative marker khenim is used for most verbs and for clause linking construcions. It is positioned preverbally and focused elements antecede it. It attracts most tense and aspect markers when in clause linking constructions. The privative marker is used for stative verbs and for prohibitives, though stative verbs may also be negated with the negative marker khenim.