A Note on Manuscript Sigla

in Musical Culture in the World of Adam de la Halle
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A Note on Manuscript Sigla

Adam’s works appear in over two dozen manuscripts housed in cities such as Paris, New York, Oxford, Vatican City, St. Petersburg, and many others. A system of abbreviating the many manuscripts referenced in this book was necessary to avoid cluttering this text with cumbersome library shelf-marks or the rather long abbreviations used in RISM. Specialists often recognize the manuscripts in which Adam’s music appears most readily by the sigla used in two invaluable catalogues: Hans Spanke’s G. Raynayd’s Bibliographie des altfranzösischen Liedes, and Friedrich Gennirch’s Bibliographie der ältesten französi­schen und lateinischen Motetten. Retaining these sigla helps to acknowledge the debt all scholars of Adam’s songs and motets owe to these foundational philologists. Yet relying on these sigla for Adam’s manuscripts, which cross so many generic boundaries, admittedly creates certain problems. The central source of Adam’s works, the songbook contained in the manuscript Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 25566, for example, goes by several dif­ferent nicknames. Scholars focused on Adam’s songs know this manuscript as W. Those investigating Adam’s motets often refer to the same manuscript as Ha. Accounts of the copy of Renart le Nouvel contained in the same manuscript know it as V. But Raynaud and Spanke use the siglum V to identify a different manuscript entirely – the chansonnier Paris, BnF, fr. 24406. This is just one example of the potential for confusion.

There is no perfect solution to this problem. I have retained the sigla of Raynaud/Spanke and Gennrich in order to make this book as useful as possible to readers who have already memorized them, as well as readers who will encounter these sigla in decades of existing secondary literature. Because the letters used sometimes overlap, it has occasionally been necessary to add further information. The addition of “trouv.” indicates that a siglum refers to a chansonnier; the addition of “motet” to a siglum indicates that the manuscript in question transmits motets. For clarification and reference, the list of sigla, which I prepared jointly with Anne Ibos-Augé, provides a list of every manuscript that is discussed multiple times in this book, indicating its full library shelfmark as well as its shortened shelfmarks or sigla.

List of Sigla

Complete shelfmark Shortened shelfmarka Siglab Specific contents addressed in chapters Aix-en-Provence, Bibl. Méjanes, 166 Méjanes 166 Jeu de Robin et Marion Angers, Bibl. mun., 403 Abeïe du chastel amoureus Arras, Bibliothèque Municipale 657 A Jeux-partis; songs Bamberg, Staatsbibliothek, Lit. 115 (Ed. IV. 6) Ba Motets Bern, Stadtbibliothek, 231 B Songs Bern, Stadtbibliothek, 389 C Songs [Besançon, Bibl. mun., I, 716] [Bes] Motets (lost ms.) Cambrai, Bibl. mun., 1328 CaB Rondeaux Bibliothèque Municipale de Metz, 535 Metz 535 Motets (lost ms.) Mons, Bibl. Univ., 330-215 B-Mbu 330–215 Tournoi de Chauvenci Montpellier, Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire, Faculté de Médecine, H. 196 Mo Motets Montpellier, Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire, Faculté de Médecine, H. 236 f Songs New York, Pierpont Morgan libr., 36 Roman de la Violette Oxford, Bodl. Libr., Douce 308 I-trouv. (songs)

D-motet (motets) Songs, motets, Tournoi de Chauvenci Paris, Bibl. de l’Arsenal, 5198 K-trouv. Songs Paris, BnF, NAF 1050 X Songs Paris, BnF, NAF 1731 NAF 1731 Cours d’Amours II Paris, BnF, NAF 13521 Cl motets Paris, BnF, fr. 146 fr. 146 Fauvel Roman de Fauvel; Jeannot de Lescurel corpus Paris, BnF, fr. 372 fr. 372 RenartC Renart le Nouvel Paris, BnF, fr. 837 fr. 837 Saluts d’amour Paris, BnF, fr. 844 M-trouv. (songs)

R-motet (motets) Songs, motets, rondeaux Paris, BnF, fr. 845 N-trouv.

PaN (motets) Songs, “motets entés” Paris, BnF, fr. 846 O-trouv. Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 847 P-trouv. Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 1109 Q Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 12473 K-troub. Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 1374 fr. 1374 Roman de la Violette Paris, BnF, fr. 1569 fr. 1569 Jeu de Robin et Marion Paris, BnF, fr. 1581 fr. 1581 RenartL Renart le Nouvel Paris, BnF, fr. 1591 R-trouv. Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 1593 fr. 1593 RenartF Renart le Nouvel Paris, BnF, fr. 2186 fr. 2186 Roman de la Poire Paris, BnF, fr. 8541 Necrology of the Carité of Arras Paris, BnF, fr. 12483 fr. 12483 i Rosarius Paris, BnF, fr. 12615 fr. 12615 T-trouv. (songs)

N-motet (motets) Songs, motets Paris, BnF, fr. 12786 fr. 12786 k rondeaux, motets,

Roman de la Poire Paris, BnF, fr. 20050 U Paris, BnF, fr. 24406 V-trouv. Songs Paris, BnF, fr. 24432 fr. 24432 Dit de la panthère Paris, BnF, fr. 25566 fr. 25566 W-trouv. (songs)

Wx-trouv. (songs; first eight leaves) Adam de la Halle: songs, rondeaux, motets, Jeu de Ha-motet (motets)

V-Renart (Renart le Nouvel)

P-Jeu (Jeu de Robin et Marion) Robin et Marion, Jeu de la feuillée;

Jeu du pèlerin

Renart le Nouvel Paris, BnF, lat. 15139 StV Motets (no texts) St Petersburg, Bibl. Publ. Saltykov-Chtchédrine, fr. 4° v. XIV. 3 Roman de la Violette Turin, Bibl. ex-Reale, Varia 42 Tu Motets Vatican City, Bibl. apost. Vaticana, Reg. lat. 1490 Vat. Reg. lat. 1490 a-trouv. (songs)

V-motet (motets) Songs, motets, rondeaux, jeux-partis Vatican City, Bibl. apost. Vaticana, Reg. lat. 1522 b Jeux-partis Vatican City, Bibl. apost. Vaticana, Reg. lat. 1543 Reg Motets (mutilated ms.) Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek 1099 W2 Motets

a For manuscripts used in multiple chapters.

b For manuscripts referred to in multiple chapters.