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1.1.Social justice museum exhibit 28
2.1.My fortress 41
2.2.Thinking about my art 43
2.3.Hard as a rock 48
2.4.Symbolic of my life 49
2.5.I can see you for who you really are 51
2.6.It’s hard for me to get close 51
3.1.Walk in my shoe 58
3.2.The cell 59
4.1.Art and comics 62
4.2.I am deadpool 63
4.3.I can relate to deadpool’s life 64
4.4.The candle symbolizes hope for me 65
4.5.How could you leave me behind? 66
5.1.All should be welcome: Kids like me 70
5.2.Reflecting and understanding me 71
5.3.Learning and growing in my art 72
5.4.What does it mean to be different? 74
5.5.People actually cared about my art 74
5.6.Looking through the window of my door and what do you see? 75
5.7.The door, the lock, and the key 76
6.1.My life and school time line 80
6.2.All my feelings 81
6.3.Love 82
6.4.K’s face is made of hearts 83
6.5.Show me you love me 84
6.6.K, my princess 84
6.7.I need to feel safe and loved to learn 85
7.1.This girl is on fire 88
7.2.This girl is still on fire 89
7.3.What I need and want to learn and grow 90
7.4.Looking deep inside the flame 92
7.5.My heart wants this 93
7.6.People who love me give me advice 95
8.1.I put it all out there for people to see 99
8.2.I want people to listen 101
8.3.I am angry and I am loved 102
8.4.Don’t hurt me 103
8.5.My likes 103
8.6.I want love! 104
9.1.The fence 106
9.2.I do not trust people. I trust horses 107
9.3.I am not ready to trust people. I trust horses 108
9.4.Horses mean like people 109
10.1.My art is all about me 112
10.2.In my art I am more than aggravating 113
11.1.My art calmed me 117
11.2.My best friend 118
11.3.I need a place to call home 119
12.1.Magna: A first for me 122
12.2.Volcano of anger 124
12.3.I miss him 125
13.1.I don’t smile. I’m not a good liar 129
13.2.My candle of hope at the top 131
14.1.The barricade 134
14.2.Unwelcomed in schools 137
14.3.Magnifying the real me 138
14.4.They surrounded kids like me 138
14.5.Caution 139
15.1.My story matters 142
15.2.My teachers don’t know what matters to me 144
15.3.This is the person who hurt me 146
15.4.Teachers and principals need to listen and love us 147
16.1.All I want is a family and home to call my own 149
16.2.Weaving lyrics and life 150
16.3.My story weave 151
16.4.The family I want and need 152
16.5.Two sides 154
16.6.The outside is real 154
16.7.My two halves split down the middle 155
16.8.I want a family to have dinner with 157
17.1.My art 160
17.2.Telling my story through art 161
17.3.Anxiety surrounds me 164
17.4.What is inside of me 166
18.1.I like my art 168
18.2.I did not fit in 169
31.1.My artmaking 229
31.2.A young child 231
31.3.The system told me I didn’t matter 232
31.4.I will overcome 233
31.5.I am not a puppet on string 234
31.6.Limitless 235

They’re Called the “Throwaways”

Children in Special Education Using Artmaking for Social Change


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