Notes on Contributors

in The Narrative of Mathematics Teachers
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Notes on Contributors


Avikam Gazit

Lecturer of mathematics education at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts as well as faculty member of the Department of Education and Psychology at the Open University. Highly experienced in teaching methods of problem solution and in the integration of creativity, humor and history of mathematics teaching. Has published four books about thinking challenges, two books about the history of mathematics and a book of poetry.

Dorit Patkin

Head of the M.Ed. program in Mathematics education and a lecturer of mathematics education at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts in Tel Aviv, tutor of in-service and pre-service teachers. Has a vast experience in teaching methods and in coping with mathematics students’ mistakes and misconceptions. Has published books engaging in geometry teaching and selected topics for high school students as well as a book about mathematical language and stories.


Ruthi Barkai

Head of the mathematics education department and a lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts as well as in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, School of Education, Tel Aviv University. Her areas of interest and research include: mathematics teacher education (from pre-school to high school), perception of mathematics concepts, proofs and justifications in mathematics teaching.

Eti Gilad

Lecturer in the Department of Education and the Department of Education Systems Administration at Achva College of Education as well as lecturer in the School of Education, Bar-Ilan University. Her research fields are: gender and feminism, change processes, educational entrepreneurship, leadership, multicultural education, teacher education, teachers’ professional development.

Nili Mendelson

Educational-organizational consultant. Manages the Department of Internship and Induction to Teaching at the School of Education, Haifa University. Lecturer in the M.Ed. pathway of Management and Organization of Education systems and in the pathway of teaching and learning – developing teachers for tutoring roles at the Gordon Academic College of Education. Her interest and research areas are: teacher education, novice teachers, teachers’ professional development, adults education, change processes, creative thinking, inter-personal communication, communication styles.

Shosh Millet

Former head of Achva College of Education (until 2006). At present is a lecturer in the M.Ed. pathway at Achva College of Education and coordinator of the “Growing Dialog” at mofet Institute. Her interest and research areas include: novice teachers, knowledge of the worthy teacher, multiculturalism in teacher education, qualitative research, tutoring and instruction, unique teacher education programs for Ethiopian immigrants and excelling students, gender and mathematics literacy.

Shlomo Vinner

Professor of mathematics and mathematics education. In the past served as head of the Department of Sciences Teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and head of the Sciences Teaching Program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. At present serves as head of the M.Ed. degree pathway of elementary school mathematics education at Achva College of Education. His research areas include: mathematics concepts development, mathematics problem solution and value-oriented aspects of mathematics teaching.