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1.1.The overall pedagogic frailty model (above) with (inset below) one academic’s view of the regulative discourse dimension (after Kinchin, 2015, 2016)2
1.2.The editors engaged in a map-mediated interview3
1.3.A concept map to emphasise the key features of excellent concept maps (from Kinchin, 2017)4
1.4.Possible trajectories of change over time within each of the four dimensions of the pedagogic frailty model5
1.5.The matrix created by the vertical and horizontal dimensions across the university6
1.6.Middle managers can be squeezed between the competing discourses8
1.7.One academic’s concept map of the overarching concept of pedagogic frailty that introduces ‘resilience’ as a key component (after Kinchin et al., 2016)9
2.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in chemistry20
2.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in chemistry21
2.3.Research-teaching nexus in chemistry22
2.4.Locus of control in chemistry (R.S.C. = Royal Society of Chemistry)24
2.5.Mean amino acid test score totals of control group (n=8) and mnemonic group (n=7). Error bars show standard deviation25
2.6.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in chemistry28
3.1.A group of first year undergraduate students participating in the DAD project after assembling their structure, University of Surrey, 201635
3.2.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in engineering36
3.3.Relating pedagogy and discipline in engineering38
3.4.Research-teaching nexus in engineering39
3.5.Locus of control in engineering41
3.6.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in engineering42
4.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in psychology50
4.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in psychology51
4.3.Research-teaching nexus in psychology52
4.4.Locus of control in psychology54
4.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in psychology56
5.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in nursing62
5.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in nursing65
5.3.Research-teaching nexus in nursing67
5.4.Locus of control in nursing69
5.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in nursing71
6.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in business81
6.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in business82
6.3.Research-teaching nexus in business83
6.4.Locus of control in business85
6.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in business86
7.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in politics93
7.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in politics94
7.3.Research-teaching nexus in politics95
7.4.Locus of control in politics97
7.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in politics98
8.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in law108
8.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in law110
8.3.Research-teaching nexus in law111
8.4.Locus of control in law114
8.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in law116
9.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in language studies125
9.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in language studies127
9.3.Research-teaching nexus in language studies128
9.4.Locus of control in language studies129
9.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in language studies131
10.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in events management137
10.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in event management140
10.3.Research-teaching nexus in events management141
10.4.Locus of control in events management143
10.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in events management145
11.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in acting154
11.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in acting156
11.3.Research-teaching nexus in acting158
11.4.Locus of control in acting159
11.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty in acting160
12.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in academic development172
12.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in academic development174
12.3.Research-teaching nexus in academic development178
12.4.Locus of control in academic development180
12.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in academic development182
12.6.A web of threshold concepts influencing Emma’s teaching184
13.1.Regulative vs. instructional discourse in learning development190
13.2.Relating pedagogy and discipline in learning development193
13.3.Research-teaching nexus in learning development194
13.4.Locus of control in learning development196
13.5.Overview of pedagogic frailty and resilience in learning development199
2.1.Example visual imagery mnemonics for amino acid structures/names25
6.1.Key aspects of the range of variation in ways of experiencing being a university researcher (from Åkerlind, 2008)89

Exploring Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience

Case Studies of Academic Narrative