List of Figures

in Sufism East and West
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List of Figures

5.1 Interactions between Sufism and the Gurdjieff movement 130

5.2 The Enneagram 139

5.3 Pentagram and Kabbalistic Tree of Life 139

8.1 The Budshishiyya’s diversity: religious profile and origin of members 218

9.1 The Sinanova tekija in Sarajevo 237

9.2 A sample of Bosnian mevlud collections 249

9.3 Mevlud prayer in different environments 252

Transliteration of words in Arabic and other languages that use non-Latin scripts follows the system of the International Journal of Middle East Studies (IJMES). For the ease of the English reader, we have avoided diacritic marks throughout the book, and wherever applicable opted for the common English usage of foreign terms and standard names (for instance, Quran and ulama). Full transliteration has been kept in quotations as well as in the titles of references already published in European languages.