First, I offer my gratitude to the chapter authors of this book. I appreciate their research, their work and commitment to the ideals of the book. And I am grateful for their patience. As I have found in calling for chapters and editing the book, an edited book takes great commitment and time. Life happens. Authors fall ill; family members require support. Changes occur at authors’ institutions that cause them to reprioritise their time. Inevitably, the time line for publication changes. All authors have been gracious to recognise these ebbs and flows in production.

Additionally, I would like to thank our publisher, Brill Sense, for supporting the production of our book. Special thanks to Evelien van der Veer, Marti Huetink, Jolanda Karada, and Shibao Guo for their initial help and support.

I am grateful to my institution, the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee, for the numerous ways in which it has supported my work with resettled refugees over many years.

Finally, I thank my family for understanding the often-solitary life of an academic. Creating research publications adds up to many hundreds of hours in one’s office with the need for quiet and privacy. My extroverted husband remains highly understanding of this process.