5.1Teachers’ support in ethical sensitivity.99
7.1Efficiency and equity in education (Source: Lauri & Põder, 2013).130
7.2The process of raising proactive citizens.135
7.3Concept of the module.136
5.1Schedule of the module.90
5.2Instructions for the course tasks.91
5.3Evaluation criteria for the learning diary and the mini-study.93
5.4Topics of the mini-studies, research questions, related articles, instruments, data analysis, and discussion.94
5.5Ethical sensitivity group: Dimensions of ethical sensitivity.98
5.6Ethical sensitivity group: Teachers’ ways of showing support.99
5.7Moral dilemma group: Teachers’ and students’ perceptions of moral dilemmas in schools.100
5.8Mindset group: Categories, subcategories, and examples from the data.102
5.9Purpose group: Categories, subcategories, and examples from the data.103
7.1The main characteristics of ideal-typical governing modes in educational policy and school choice (Source: Lauri, 2013).128
7.2Outline of the module.137
9.1Schedule of the EDIC Intensive Programmes in Prague and Tallinn-Helsinki.171
9.2Individual and group tasks.179