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This volume owes its publication to a great number of individuals who contributed to the success of the Humboldt Kolleg (Jerusalem 2017) from which it originates. In addition to the volume authors, the following scholars participated in the Kolleg discussions and activities: Adi Armon, Inge Baxmann, Itamar Ben-Ami, Ariel Cohen, Aya Elyada, Amir Engel, Tali Erickson-Gini, Mark Gelber, Sharon Gordon, Giora Hon, Ofri Ilany, Shai Lavi, Oliver Lembcke, Amit Levy, Avi Lifschitz, Markus Messling, Iris Nachum, Maren Niehoff, Melanie Riedel, Daniel Rosenberg, Galili Shahar, Michael Shenkar, Dani Schrire, Zef Segal, Guy Stroumsa and Amir Teicher.

I would also like to thank the assistants of the Kolleg – Alexei Maron and Anna Weinmacher – for their devoted work, and Michael Makarovsky and Yaron Tzuk for their kind help at various stages of the event’s preparation and organisation.

Special gratitude is owed to Dr. Steffen Mehlich from the Humboldt Foundation without whose encouragement and advice the Kolleg would not have materialised.

Finally, I wish to thank the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for its generous financial assistance and for providing the institutional framework for the event, as well as other bodies which co-sponsored it: the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.