Finding Roses amongst Thorns:

What about Hope, Optimism and Subjective Well-being?

In: From microscope to kaleidoscope

In this chapter I contemplate on and offer an alternative kaleidoscopic-interpretivist perspective of thinking about the psychological and emotional impact of the devastating effects of HIV&AIDS on children. While much has been said about the psychological effects of HIV&AIDS, I deliberate about positive emotions and feelings of well-being and what this means to children who are living in a context of HIV&AIDS. I wonder also how this context of chronic adversity relates to childrens’ experiences of subjective well-being, hope and optimism and pose questions that will form the guiding framework for future research. I reflect on selected literature and empirical studies that document the psychological effects of HIV&AIDS and well-being in adversity and, while it might seem paradoxical, I contemplate the possibility of children experiencing subjective well-being and positive emotions as a form resilience while living a life of chronic adversity.