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Editor biographies and contributors

Judy Robertson

is Professor of Digital Learning in the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh. Having spent twenty years learning and then teaching in computer science departments, she knows what it is like to be the only woman in the room a wearyingly large proportion of the time. Judy has experimented with various permutations of flexible working arrangements to fit around family life, and is grateful to work in the university sector where this is possible. She is married (to a man) and spends considerable time teaching her son not to blindly collude with the patriarchy by dropping his socks on the floor.

Alison Williams

describes herself as a late-onset academic, awarded her PhD (on the impact of physical space on creativity) at 66. After a portfolio entrepreneurial career spanning sculpture and art teaching, co-founding a small company manufacturing specialist glass for large contracts, and consulting in creativity for multi-nationals, she has found in academia a challenging and stimulating community. Having completely failed to notice the 70s wave of feminism (apart from the slogan ‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’) Alison has embraced this project wholeheartedly, making up for lost time, and learning about herself and her place in the world, sometimes to the embarrassment of her partner and her grown-up children. Learning and growing never cease.

Derek Jones

is a Senior Lecturer in Design with The Open University and part of the OU Design Group. He is currently chairing the course update to U101: Design Thinking, the award-winning Level 1 entry course for the university’s Design and Innovation degree. His main research interests are: the pedagogy of design and creativity, embodied cognition in physical and virtual environments, and theories of design knowledge. Derek is a qualified architect with 15 years of experience in the construction design and procurement industries and is the Communications Officer for the Design Research Society.

Lara Isbel

is the Head of Operations and Projects in the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh. Part of her role is to provide coaching to staff and students within the University. Her interest in gender equality was partly sparked by a series of recurring themes in coaching conversations and the real, everyday challenges people face as they develop their careers. From her perspective, a more gender-equal workplace is about creating an organisational culture where everyone can thrive. Outside of work, Lara loves pretty much anything with a good story, particularly books, plays, films and ballet. She is married to an Australian and is usually saving for trips back to Australia to see family and experience the novelty of warm and sunny weather.

Daphne Loads

is an academic developer at the University of Edinburgh, where she helps academics to survive, thrive, grow and develop in their teaching. Daphne studied English Literature, Life and Thought at Cambridge University, and has professional qualifications in social work, counselling, horticulture and education. She was awarded her EdD in higher education in 2012 by The Open University. She researches and publishes on academic identities and arts-enriched professional development. Daphne believes that gender equality in higher education is possible, but that we haven’t achieved it yet. When she’s not working, she loves gardening and travelling with her partner.


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Gender equality in higher education


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