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The Search Engine for International Law

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Jus Mundi - Academic Research brings international law out of the archives and into the 21st century.

The Jus Mundi platform offers a comprehensive, multilingual, and user-friendly search engine for advanced academic research in international law. Aimed at judges, academic researchers, legal practitioners, and tertiary students, Jus Mundi covers over 16,000 international law and investor-state arbitration documents, including treaties, ICJ, PCIJ, PCA, ITLOS, ICSID and other arbitration institutions, UNCITRAL, IUSCT documents (judgments, arbitral awards, orders, pleadings, etc.), and decisions of the Mixed Claims Commissions. Commercial arbitration is exclusively available on Jus Mundi.

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Jus Mundi offers several advanced linguistic features and more than a dozen filters to narrow down search criteria based on open or specific search strings, legal concepts relevant to the search, case type, decision type, type of legal document, representatives, decision-makers, dates, and more.

• Structured and interactive documents
• Multilingual and intelligent search engine
• Preview of relevant paragraphs linking search strings with legal concepts as well as language matching
• Interactive filters
• CiteMap, a user-friendly catalogue of interconnections between legal references
• Wiki Notes, a Directory of Notes on investment arbitration legal concepts, written by legal experts world-wide.
• Easy to download Jus Mundi generated interactive PDFs of scanned documents (including the original PDFs)

Jus Mundi – Academic Research is unique for:
• Unique Content: Jus Mundi offers the most comprehensive collection of public international law and investment arbitration documents. Key materials in international law are interactive. Document text has been extracted from scanned original public records in PDF, manually corrected, structured by paragraph or page with an interactive table of content, and then enriched with keywords, bringing international law out of the archives and into multi-dimensional online research.
• Comprehensive legal research: Jus Mundi provides researchers with more comprehensive and relevant high quality results in a dynamic online environment, allowing researchers to tailor and edit search parameters in an iterative process. Further, when a legal query is entered in English or French, the search engine finds relevant results in all languages available in the database.
• Legal research made quicker: Due to Jus Mundi’s technology and advanced web interface, the time necessary to undertake international legal research is dramatically reduced. Interactive filters allow for precise searching, the screen for displaying the results enables a quick review of the relevant results, and it is convenient to understand connections between legal documents, through the CiteMap hyperlinked system and related document features.


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Academics, researchers, librarians and students of international, foreign and comparative law will find Jus Mundi – Academic Research an indispensable and time-saving resource.
Praise for Jus Mundi:

“Lost in quotation? Jus Mundi is of great help and will reduce your time in finding the right one both in public international law and investment arbitration.” Alain Pellet, Former Member and Chairperson of the UN International Law Commission

“International law is not just relevant but critical for the modern world. Jus Mundi has a very important function to perform in creating awareness and upholding the international rule of law through access to legal resources.” Dr. Aniruddha Rajput, Member of the UN International Law Commission

Gathering texts and case-law in a way which is accessible is of the utmost importance. Pr. Jean-Marc Thouvenin, Secretary-General of The Hague Academy for International Law

Jus Mundi is a very ambitious project, aiming to make international law accessible to the legal community around the world. Dr. Affef Ben Mansour, Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration