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Afrika Focus promotes critical and worldly debates with Africa at the centre. It accepts scholarly contributions dealing with current trends and new developments at both empirical and theoretical levels, and encourages the submission of work from new generations of researchers based in the continent. The articles should offer original research and address the interdisciplinary readership of this well-established journal.
The editorial committee decides on acceptance following international and double-blind peer-review. The main languages of publication in Afrika Focus are English and French, but African languages (including Portuguese, Arabic and Afrikaans) are also accepted where editorial expertise allows. Apart from papers, the journal publishes book reviews, reports on noteworthy intellectual events concerning Africa, exhibitions and artistic interventions with strong conceptual focus. Submissions should adhere to the general guidelines for authors (including abstract, key words and reference list).
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Latest Articles

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Author: Joed Elich
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Implications for Maternal Health in the Sub-Saharan African Nations
Discussing Their Relevance and Legal Force

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