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Chen Wei 陳偉, Wuhan University
Edward L. Shaughnessy 夏含夷, University of Chicago

Associate Editors
Rens Krijgsman 武致知, Wuhan University
Liang Jing 梁靜, Wuhan University
Adam Schwartz 亞當, Hong Kong Baptist University

Assistant Editor
Li Jing 李靜, Wuhan University

Executive Editor
Li Tianhong 李天虹, Wuhan University

Advisory Board
Hsing I-tien 邢義田, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Huang Dekuan 黄德寬, Tsinghua University
Marc Kalinowski 馬克, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
Kudo Motoo 工藤元男, Waseda University
Lee Sung-kyu 李成珪, Seoul National University
Lin Yun 林澐, Jilin University
Peng Hao 彭浩, Jingzhou Museum
Qiu Xigui 裘錫圭, Fudan University
Itaru Tomiya 冨谷至, Kyoto University
Robin Yates 葉山, McGill University
Zeng Xiantong 曾憲通, Sun Yat-Sen University
Zhu Fenghan 朱鳳瀚, Peking University

Editorial Board
Shirley Chan 陳慧, Macquarie University
Chen Jian 陳劍, Fudan University
Chen Zhi 陳致, Hong Kong Baptist University
Scott Bradley Cook 顧史考, Yale-NUS College
Ding Sixin 丁四新, Wuhan University
Bernhard Fuehrer 傅熊, University of London
Enno Giele 紀安諾, Heidelberg University
Donald Harper 夏德安, University of Chicago
Hou Xudong 侯旭東, Tsinghua University
Kim Byung- Joon 金秉駿, Seoul National University
Lai Guolong 來國龍, University of Florida
Lai Ming Chiu 黎明釗, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Liu Lexian 劉樂賢, Capital Normal University
Kiyoshi Miyake 宮宅潔, Kyoto University
Yuri Pines 尤銳, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Matthias L. Richter 李孟濤, University of Colorado at Boulder
Roel Sterckx 胡司德, University of Cambridge
Xu Shihong 徐世虹, China University of Political Science and Law
Yang Zhenhong 楊振紅, Nankai University
Yen Shihhsuan顔世鉉, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Yuasa Kunihiro 湯淺邦弘, Osaka University
Yun Jae Seug 尹在碩, Kyungpook National University

Book Review Editors
Feng Shengjun 馮勝君, Jilin University
Olivier Venture 風儀誠, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
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Bamboo and Silk

Wei Chen
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Edward L. Shaughnessy
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This is a Diamond Open Access journal. Articles are published in Open Access at no cost to the author.

Bamboo and Silk is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Center of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts of Wuhan University. Based on unearthed Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts from the Warring States period (476–221 BC) and Qin (221–206BC), Han (206BC–220 AD), Wei (220–265 AD) and Jin (265–420 AD) Dynasties, this journal focuses on studies of character identification and textual reconstitution, and studies of the social, political, economic and legal systems as well as ideology, culture, language, customs and other aspects reflected by these manuscripts. The journal includes research articles on bamboo and silk manuscripts and book reviews. All articles are peer reviewed by anonymous outside experts as well as by the editorial board, and reflect the current state of international academic research issues on Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts.

Bamboo and Silk is primarily based on Jian Bo 簡帛, a Chinese journal that was initially published in 2006 by Shanghai Chinese Classics Publishing House Co., Ltd., with some articles chosen from Jian Bo 簡帛 and translated into English. The journal accepts submissions in English as well.
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