Culture and Dialogue

Editor-in-Chief: Gerald Cipriani
Culture and Dialogue is an international peer-reviewed journal of cross-cultural philosophy and humanities that is published semi-annually both in print and electronically. The journal seeks to encourage and promote research in the type of philosophy and theory that sees dialogue as a fundamental ingredient of cultural formations, that is to say the ways cultures become apparent and ultimately identifiable. What is meant here by culture is a particular manifestation of human achievement in the arts, languages, forms of expression (whether secular or religious), and customs of all kinds including political ones.

Dialogue, in this context, means a mode of relationship that lets cultural formations unfold by bringing together human beings and, for example, their natural environment, their historical past, traditions, external cultural influences, contemporary trends, other communities, or simply other persons in conversation.

Culture and Dialogue provides a forum for researchers from philosophy as well as other disciplines, who study cultural formations dialogically, through comparative analysis, or within the tradition of hermeneutics. For each issue, the journal seeks to bring manuscripts together with a common denominator. The language of the journal is English, but submissions in other languages including German, traditional Chinese, French and Japanese may be considered for special issues with guest editors.
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