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Florian Schneider, Leiden University, Netherlands

Review Editor: Martin Roth, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Editorial Board
Azman Azwan Azmawati, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Bart Barendregt, Leiden University, Netherlands
Ian Condry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA
Jens Damm, Chang Jung University, Taiwan
Fu King-wa, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
Rahul K Gairola, Murdoch University, Australia
Chris Goto-Jones, Leiden University, Netherlands
David Herold, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Jacky Hicks, Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, Netherlands
Dal Yong Jin, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Thomas Looser, New York University, NY, USA
Nissim Otmazgin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Barbara Schulte, Lund University, Sweden
Martin Slama, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
Ross Tapsell, Australian National University, Australia
Takayuki Tatsumi, Keio University, Japan
Kyong Yoon, University of British Columbia, Canada
Elaine Yuan, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Advisory Board
Hugo Dobson, The University of Sheffield, UK
Christopher Hughes, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Jeroen de Kloet, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thomas Lamarre, McGill University, Canada
Mark McLelland, University of Wollongong, Australia
Jack Qiu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Éric Sautedé, University of Saint Joseph, Macau
Guobin Yang, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA
Xiaoling Zhang, The University of Nottingham, UK

Copy Editor
Debra Soled
The bi-annual academic journal Asiascape: Digital Asia invites submissions for research articles that explore the political, social, and cultural impact of digital media in Asia. Asiascape’s focus is on research from the social sciences, arts, media and communication studies, information and computer sciences, area studies, and digital culture and culture studies.

Bringing together state-of-the-art research from these fields, Asiascape: Digital Asia examines the role that information, communication, and other digital technologies play in Asian societies, as well as in intra-regional dynamics and transnational links between the region and other parts of the world. The peer-reviewed journal addresses issues such as:
  • media converge in the digital age,
  • transnational flows of digital culture,
  • the politics and governance of network societies,
  • online activism and digital challenges to state power,
  • the workings of social and participatory media, and
  • the dynamics of digital play.
The editors welcome contributions that analyse these issues through research that takes seriously the workings of ICT in different contexts, that critically theorizes such workings, and that is based on authoritative empirical analysis. We particularly encourage inter- and multi-disciplinary research that adopts digital methods, as well as theoretically-minded work that critically explores how ICTs can be understood through the lenses of different realities in Asia.

Asiascape: Digital Asia further welcomes reviews of book on the topics outlined above, with a specific focus on reviews that introduce non-Asian related works and scholars to the area-studies community, and research on Asia to the larger field of digital media and communication studies. In addition, the editors encourage reviews of relevant conferences, as well as of digital platforms and media products from Asia, such as social media websites, video sharing services, games, digital tools, etc.

Manuscript submissions should not exceed a length of 10,000 words, including notes and references. Review articles should not exceed 1,000 words. Asiascape: Digital Asia only accepts English-language articles.

All inquiries regarding article submissions can be addressed to the managing editor: Florian Schneider,

Questions regarding review articles can be addressed to the reviews editor: Martin Roth,

Please use Brill’s digital editorial management system for submissions:
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The readership of Asiascape: Digital Asia comprises academics, students, and general readers interested in state-of-the-art research on the digital processes that shape Asia.

Asiascape: Digital Asia

Asiascape: Digital Asia explores the political, social, and cultural impact of digital media in Asia through both critical, theoretically-minded research and innovative digital methods. Bringing together inter- and multi-disciplinary research in the area studies, arts, communication and media studies, information and computer sciences, and social sciences, this peer-reviewed journal examines the role that information, communication, and digital technologies play in Asian societies, as well as in intra-regional and transnational dynamics.
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