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volume 4, no. 1


Conducting Spanish Diplomacy in the Digital Age 1

Juan Luis Manfredi-Sánchez

Creating Connected Constituencies: The Strategy and Limits of US Propaganda and Influence in Early Cold War Syria, 1945–60 31

Idir Ouahes

Cosimo I de’ Medici’s Dissimulation of Diplomacy in the Guardaroba Nuova 52

Bradley J. Cavallo

From the Green Zone to Havana Syndrome: Making Geographic Sense of Rotationality and Hardship in Diplomacy 74

Jamey Essex and Joshua Bowman

“Easily Emotional” and “Always Inclined to Extremes.” Ambassador Herman van Roijen and Dutch Anxiety about American Anti-Communism, 1947–53 100

Rimko van der Maar

book reviews

Ramy Youssef. Die Anerkennung von Grenzen: Eine Soziologie der Diplomatie 125

Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher

Inderjeet Parmar and Oliver Turner (eds.). The United States in the Indo-Pacific: Obama’s Legacy and the Trump Transition 129

Moritz Pöllath

Philip Nash. Breaking Protocol: America’s First Female Ambassadors, 1933–1964 131

Stefanie M. Schuster

Sinja Graf. The Humanity of Universal Crime: Inclusion, Inequality and Intervention in International Political Thought 134

Karl W. Schweizer

Gordon Martel (ed.). The Encyclopedia of Diplomacy 138

Iver B. Neumann

Nicolas Drocourt and Élisabeth Malamut (eds.). La diplomatie byzantine, de l’Empire romain aux confins de l’Europe (Ve-XVe s.) 145

Isabella Lazzarini

Laurence Badel. Diplomaties européennes. XIXe-XXIe siècle Isabelle Dasque. Les diplomates de la République (1871–1914) 149

Louis Clerc

The Mattingly Prize 154

volume 4, no. 2

forum: diplomacy and the natural environment

Sovereignty at Sea: the United States, Ecuador, and the Fisheries Dispute in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, 1945–75 155

Shaine Scarminach

Lands of Frosts and Great Beasts: Poland and Lithuania in the Accounts of Papal and Venetian Diplomats 180

Klaudia Kuchno

Diving into Water Diplomacy – Exploring the Emergence of a Concept 200

Jenniver Sehring, Susanne Schmeier, Rozemarijn ter Horst, Alyssa Offutt and Bota Sharipova

“American Dream – Soviet Reality”: Industrialization and Environmentalism in Soviet Cold War Public Diplomacy 222

Mariia Koskina

Natural Resources as an Asset of City Diplomacy: A Portrait of Jingdezhen and Its White Gold 251

Niedja de Andrade e Silva Forte dos Santos and Sandra Maria Rodrigues Balão

Diplomacy in the Woods: Nature, Hunting, Masculinity, and Soviet Diplomacy Under N.S. Khrushchev 269

Tatyana Bakhmetyeva

book reviews

Carolyn N. Biltoft. A Violent Peace: Media, Truth and Power at the League of Nations 307

Emil Eiby Seidenfaden

Harumi Goto-Shibata. The League of Nations and the East Asian Imperial Order, 1920–1946

Karen Gram-Skjoldager, Haakon A. Ikonomou, and Torsten Kahlert. Organizing the 20th-century World: International Organizations and the Emergence of International Public Administration, 1920–1960s

Deepak Mawar. States Undermining International Law: The League of Nations, United Nations, and Failed Utopianism

Bob Reinalda. International Secretariats: Two Centuries of International Civil Servants and Secretariats 310

Quincy Cloet

Maurits Ebben and Louis Sicking (eds.). Beyond Ambassadors: Consuls, Missionaries, and Spies in Premodern Diplomacy, Rulers & Elites 19 317

Cathleen Sarti

Karin Kneissl. Diplomatie Macht Geschichte: Die Kunst des Dialogs in unsicheren Zeiten 320

Karl W. Schweizer

Ozan Özavci. Dangerous Gifts: Imperialism, Security, and Civil Wars in the Levant 1798–1864 324

Selim Deringil

Rasmus Sinding Søndergaard. Reagan, Congress, and Human Rights. Contesting Morality in US Foreign Policy 326

Jordan Tama

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