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Peter Kornicki, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Review Editor
Martin Heijdra, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

Editorial Board
Cynthia Brokaw, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA
Michael Shin, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Patricia Sieber, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
Suyoung Son, Cornell University, New York, USA
Call for Papers for a special issue on Collectors, Collections, and the Making of East Asian Book Worlds.
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East Asian Publishing and Society

East Asian Publishing and Society is a journal dedicated to the study of the publishing of texts and images in East Asia, from the earliest times up to the present. The journal provides a platform for multi-disciplinary research by scholars addressing publishing practices in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

East Asian Publishing and Society invites articles that treat any aspect of publishing history: production, distribution, and reception of manuscripts, imprints (books, periodicals, pamphlets, and single sheet prints), and electronic text. Studies of authorship and editing, the business of publishing, reading audiences and reading practices, libraries and book collection, the relationship between the state and publishing—to name just a few possible topics—are welcome.

Brill’s new journal aims to print innovative studies on East Asian publishing to meet the scholarly community's expanding interest in this rich and varied field.
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