European Journal of Migration and Law

Managing Editors: Elspeth Guild, Sandra Mantu, and Paul Minderhoud
The European Journal of Migration and Law is a quarterly journal on migration law and policy with specific emphasis on the European Union, the Council of Europe and migration activities within the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This journal differs from other migration journals by focusing on both the law and policy within the field of migration, as opposed to examining immigration and migration policies from a wholly sociological perspective. The Journal is the initiative of the Centre for Migration Law of the University of Nijmegen, in co-operation with the Brussels-based Migration Policy Group.
The European Journal of Migration and Law provides an invaluable source of information and a platform for discussion for government and public officials, academics, lawyers and NGOs interested in migration issues in the European context. Devoted exclusively to migration law and policy, the original research and analysis the Journal presents will emphasize the development of migration policies across Europe. Each issue will have a cross-disciplinary approach to migration and social issues such as access of migrants to social security and assistance benefits, including socio-legal and meta-juridical perspectives.
Papers for consideration should be addressed to Sandra Mantu (, or Paul Minderhoud (

2017 Impact Factor: 1.121
5 Year Impact Factor: 1.250
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Court of Justice of the European Union (Grand Chamber), Jobcenter Krefeld v JD Case C-181/19, Judgment of 6 October 2020, EU:C:2020:794