Endowment Studies

Endowment Studies (ENDS) is a peer-reviewed, English-language periodical dedicated to the study of foundations or endowments, fostering their examination from cross-cultural, diachronic and interdisciplinary perspectives. As a diachronic and omnipresent phenomenon, endowments touch on every conceivable aspect of a given society, such as the arts, economy, intellectual life, law, politics and religion. Specialists from these and other disciplines/ fields (Byzantine Studies, Indology, Islamic Studies and Medieval Studies) can thus participate in cross-disciplinary conversations via the leitmotif of endowments.

As the first journal dedicated to the study of foundations in a comparative context, ENDS offers a venue for publication that is both transcultural and interdisciplinary, with a special focus on the Pre-Modern era, yet not restricted to any particular epoch. Contributions treating any aspect of endowments are welcome.

Main editorial contact address: endseditors@gmail.com.
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Executive Editors
Zachary Chitwood (Mainz)
Tillmann Lohse (HU-Berlin)
Ignacio Sánchez (Warwick)
Annette Schmiedchen (Halle)

Advisory Board
President of the Advisory Board: Michael Borgolte (Berlin)
Art History: Simon Roffey (Winchester)
Byzantine Studies: Rosemary Morris (York); Kostis Smyrlis (NYU)
China and Central Asia: Li Tang (Salzburg)
Indology: Ryosuke Furui (Tokyo); Jonathan Silk (Leiden)
Islamic Studies: Randi Deguilhem (Aix-en-Provence); Johannes Pahlitzsch (Mainz)
Legal History: Richard Helmholtz (Chicago)
Medieval Studies: Benjamin Scheller (Duisburg-Essen)
Russia and the Balkans: Ludwig Steindorff (Kiel)
Jewish Studies: Judah Galinsky (Bar-Ilan University)