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Bàrbara Molas, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT-The Hague)(The Netherlands)

Managing Editors:
Marjo Bakker, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (The Netherlands)
Paul Jackson, University of Northampton (UK)

Consultant Editors:
Roger Griffin, Oxford, UK
Constantin Iordachi, Central European University, HU
Aristotle Kallis, Keele University, UK

Editorial Board:
Remieg Aerts, University of Amsterdam, NL
Mark Antliff, Duke University, USA
Ruth Ben-Ghiat, New York University, USA
Emily Braun, City University of New York, USA
Francesco Cassata, University of Genoa, IT
Nigel Copsey, Teesside University, UK
Bruno De Wever, Ghent University, BE
Graham Macklin, University of Oslo, NO
Sven Reichardt, University of Konstanz, DE
Peter Romijn, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, NL
Anton Shekhovtsov, Centre for Democratic Integrity, Vienna, Austria
James Shields, Aston University, UK
Andreas Umland, Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (sceeus), Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Sweden

Book Review and Social Media Editors:
Bethan Johnson,Harvard University, USA
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"Much of the academic literature on the Italian and German regimes – and just about all of the popular history – goes about its business without getting too bogged down in the “generic fascism” problem. The devil is truly in the details. But the new journal Fascism takes the possibility of a generic concept of the movement as its point of departure, and in ways that seem worth watching." - Scott McLemee, in: Inside Higher Ed, December 5, 2012
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Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies

This is a fully Open Access journal, which means that all articles are freely available online, ensuring maximum, worldwide dissemination of content, in exchange for an article processing fee. For more information, see our Open Access Policy page.

Fascism publishes peer-reviewed (double blind) articles in English, mainly but not exclusively by both seasoned researchers and postgraduates exploring the phenomenon of fascism in a comparative context and focusing on such topics as the uniqueness and generic aspects of fascism, patterns in the causal aspects/genesis of various fascisms in political, economic, social, historical, and psychological factors, their expression in art, culture, ritual and propaganda, elements of continuity between interwar and postwar fascisms, their relationship to national and cultural crisis, revolution, modernity/modernism, political religion, totalitarianism, capitalism, communism, extremism, charismatic dictatorship, patriarchy, terrorism, fundamentalism, and other phenomena related to the rise of political and social extremism.

For the latest news and related articles on (the topic of) fascism, please visit the Fascism Facebook and Twitter page.

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