Frontiers of Education in China

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Frontiers of Education in China is a fully peer reviewed international academic journal, which publishes original papers. It aims to connect Chinese and international perspectives, and create a platform for a deepening understanding of the global significance of Chinese education. It will enable readers around the world to explore the genuine meaning of Chinese educational traditions and contemporary patterns in a global context. Through promoting a multi-dimensional understanding of Chinese education, this journal seeks to enrich the theory and practice of education.

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Editorial Board Michael W. Apple (University of Wisconsin) Jorge Balan (Columbia University) René Barbier (University VIII of Paris) Ronald Barnett (University of London) Christian Baudelot (University of Provence) Mark Bray (University of Hong Kong) Chen Shijian (Southwest University) Cheng Kai Ming (The University of Hong Kong) Michael Connelly (University of Toronto) Juergen Henze (Humboldt University of Berlin) Hu Jianhua (Nanjing Normal University) Lee Chi Kin (The Hong Kong Institute of Education) Wing On Lee (Nanyang Technological University) Lo Nai Kwai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Allan Luke (Queensland University of Technology) Vi McLean (Queensland University of Technology) Min Weifang (Peking University) Nikolay D. Nikandrov (Russian Academy of Education) Lynn Paine (Michigan State University) Heidi A.Ross (Indiana University) Hans Schuetze (University of British Columbia) Jürgen Schriewer (Humboldt University of Berlin) Vilma Seeberg (Kent State University) Jianping Shen (West Michigan University) Shi Zhongying (Beijing Normal University) Régine Sirota (University V of Paris) Shinichi Suzuki (Waseda University) Monica J. Taylor (University of London) Ulrich Teichler (University of Kassel) Stig Thogerson (Aarhus University) Mun C. Tsang (Columbia University) Wang Yingjie (Beijing Normal University) Geoff Whitty (University of London) Wu Daguang (Xiamen University) Xie Weihe (Tsinghua University) Xu Xiaozhou (Zhejiang University) Ye Lan (East China Normal University) Yutaka Otsuka (Hiroshima University) Yuan Zhenguo (China National Institute for Educational Research) Zhang Yingqiang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Zhou Mansheng (National Center for Education Development Research) Zhu Xiaoman (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Managing Editor Xu Yang Copyeditors Heather Mowbray Dorota Niemcewicz
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