Frontiers of Literary Studies in China

Editor-in-Chief: Xudong Zhang
Issue Vol. 6 No. 1 is now available free online! Follow the link to the online edition below to view the articles.
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China provides a forum for peer-reviewed academic papers in literary studies within and outside of China in order to promote communication and exchanges between scholars working in different institutional settings and along different cultural and intellectual traditions. It seeks to reflect advances in independent research and theoretical thinking in the field of literary analysis and interpretation broadly defined and in dialogue with critical discourses on issues of common and shared intellectual and social concerns of today’s world. It is this publication’s duty to introduce to the world fresh academic achievements from the field of Chinese literary studies. Equal editorial attention and effort will be given to showcasing productivity and innovation in both China and abroad.
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Xudong Zhang (New York University)

Associate Editors-in-Chief
Xi Chuan (Beijing Normal University)
Jon E. von Kowallis (University of New South Wales)
Ban Wang (Stanford University)

Editorial Board
Nick Admussen (Cornell University)
Allan Barr (Pomona College)
Yomi Braester (University of Washington)
Xiaomei Chen (University of California, Davis)
Laurence Coderre (New York University)
Stephanie H. Donald (University of New South Wales)
Amy Dooling (Connecticut College)
Raoul D. Findeisen (Comenius University in Bratislava/University of Vienna)
Xiang He (University of New Mexico)
Wilt Idema (Harvard University/Leiden University)
Hui Jiang (Witts University)
Lukas Klein (University of Hong Kong)
Sabina Knight (Smith College)
Wendy Larson (University of Oregon)
Guangyi Li (Chongqing University)
Christopher Lupke (Washington State University)
Carlos Rojas (Duke University)
Tze-lan D. Sang (Michigan State University)
Keith B. Wagner (London University College)
Pu Wang (Brandeis University)
Xiaoming Wang (Shanghai University)
Jun Xie (Tsinghua University)
Xueping Zhong (Tufts University)
John Yu Zou (Chongqing University)

Editorial Staff
Todd Foley (New York University)
Frederik Green (San Francisco State University)
Qin Wang (New York University)
Zhiyi Yang (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Book Review Editors
Junliang Huang (California State University, Northridge)
Zhuo Liu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Managing Editor Chun Zhang (Higher Education Press)

Copy Editor
Divya Castelino
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