International Bibliography of Military History

of the International Commission of Military History / Commission Internationale d'Histoire Militaire

Editor In Chief: Mauro Mantovani
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As of Vol. 36 (2016), the IBMH is continued as International Journal of Military History and Historiography (IJMH).
The International Bibliography of Military History (IBMH) has been continuously published since 1978 on behalf of the International Commission of Military History (ICMH), which can trace back its origins to 1938. Traditionally, and as the title indicates, its main focus was on book reviews and review articles. Since the journal’s move to Brill in 2011, there has been an additional emphasis on historiographical articles, and the portfolio has been enlarged to include also original research articles.
The IBMH thus offers its readers and authors a platform that includes original research articles on any military historical topic from antiquity to the contemporary period that can appeal to an international readership; historiographical and review articles on an issue of major significance or dealing with the state of military history in a specific ICMH member country; and book reviews on newly published works, which are historiographically relevant either for the international military history community or one of ICMH’s national commissions.
All contributions appear in English, and can be complemented by French, German, Italian or Spanish translations.
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Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mauro Mantovani, Military Academy (MILAK), ETH Zurich, Kaserne, 8903 Birmensdorf, Switzerland send email
Scientific Editor Dr. Marco Wyss, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History, University of Chichester, U.K. send email
Book Review Editor Dr. Hugo Meijer, Lecturer, Defence Studies Department, King's College London send email
Associate Editor for Southern Africa Prof. Dr. André Wessels, Senior Professor, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Bibliographical Committee of the International Commission of Military History President: Dr. Mauro Mantovani (see above) Secretary General: Dr. Marco Wyss (see above)
Members: Brg. (Res) Dr. Daniel Asher, IDF CSC (Israel); Prof. Dr. Jordan Baev, Defense Advanced Research Institute, G.S. Rakovski National Defense Academy, Sofia (Bulgaria); Prof. Dr. Lars Erikson-Wolke, Military History Department, National Defence University, Stockholm (Sweden); Dr. Zisis Fotakis, Lecturer, Hellenic Naval Academy, (Greece); Oberst Prof. Dr. Winfried Heinemann, Center of Military History and Social Sciences – ZMSBw (Germany); Dr. Erwin van Loo, Netherlands Institute of Military History (The Netherlands); LtCol M.A. José Miguel Moreira Freire, Director of Military Academy Library, Lisbon (Portugal); Prof. Dr. Gianluca Pastori, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano (Italy); Prof. Dr. Dumitru Preda, Directeur de la direction des Archives Diplomatiques, Ministère des Afffaires étrangères (Romania); LtCol Dr. Harold E. Raugh, Jr., Command Historian, United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Great Britain); Dr. Claudia Reichl-Ham, Research and Publications Department, Austrian Army Museum (Austria); Dr. Robyn L. Rodriguez, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii (USA); Dr. Max Schiavon, Commission Française d’Histoire Militaire (France); Prof. Dr. Pasi Tuunainen, Senior Lecturer and Adjunct Professor in Military History, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu (Finland); Sr. Col. Zhou Xiaoning, Academy of Military Science, Chinese PLA, Beijing (China).
Honorary Presidents: Col. Daniel Reichel (†) (Founding Member); Brig. Jean Langenberger (†); Maj. Dr. Dimitry Queloz, Neuchâtel (all Switzerland).
Founding Members: Mrs. Marie-Annick Hepp (France); Gen. P. A. Jiline (†) (Russia); Col. J. Pariseau (†) (Canada); Col. D. M. Pedrazzini (Switzerland); Hofrat Dr. Manfried Rauchensteiner (Austria); Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rohwer (†) (Germany); Capt. C. G. Strandman (Sweden)
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