International Negotiation

A Journal of Theory and Practice

Editor-in-Chief: Bertram Spector
International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice examines negotiation from many perspectives, to explore its theoretical foundations and to promote its practical application. It addresses the processes of negotiation relating to political, security, environmental, ethnic, economic, business, legal, scientific and cultural issues and conflicts among nations, international and regional organisations, and multinational corporations and other non-state parties. Conceptually, International Negotiation confronts the difficult task of developing interdisciplinary theories and models of the negotiation process and its desired outcome. Analytically, it publishes a broad selection of original research articles, traditional historical and case studies, and significant contributions to the expanding body of knowledge in the field. In general terms, the journal's practical aim is to identify, analyse, and explain effective and efficient international negotiation and mediation processes that result in long-lasting, flexible, and implementable solutions.

While always open to the submission of unsolicited papers, the journal also encourages proposals for thematic issues that focus on the study of particular problems.

Online submission: Articles for publication in International Negotiation can be submitted online through Editorial Manager; please click here.
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