International Review of Pragmatics

Editor: Piotr Cap
The International Review of Pragmatics (IRP) is a peer-reviewed international journal committed to publishing excellent research in the area of pragmatics and related disciplines pertaining to all aspects of human communication, verbal and non-verbal. It aims to provide a comprehensive and authoritative picture of the field, encouraging submissions rooted in different conceptions and perspectives originating in geographically diverse areas. IRP publishes full-length original articles, review articles and discussion notes.
While subscribing to the general view that all meaning is necessarily contextual, IRP welcomes research reflecting different, often conflicting, views of pragmatics. It is a forum for papers that analyze discourse in its many instantiations (spoken, written; institutional, business, media etc.) through a pragmatic lens, but also for those which consider pragmatics itself a separate discipline defined by specific objects of investigation (deixis, implicature, etc.). The confrontation is supposed to establish how much explanatory power in pragmatics rests in its interdisciplinary and semiotics-based variations, as opposed to self-contained methodologies with precisely delineated scope of application. Thus, in the long run, the aim of IRP will be to maintain a vigorous debate leading to crystallization of the core concept of pragmatics, and to evaluation of its descriptive and interpretive capacity.

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