The International Journal of Critical Media Literacy

This is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to conceptualizations of criticality in media literacy. The focus is on articles that engage with media in ways that disrupt the normative discourses perpetuated through market logics and dominate institutions, promote ways of thinking critically about and with digital media culture, and present opportunities for analyzing and interpreting the codes, conventions, and ideologies implicit in our media saturated lives. It also centers on the ways in which critical media literacy is absent in today’s standardized educational curriculum. JCML has two issues per volume. It is a peer refereed journal and is available as hard copy and online. The hard copy issues can include artwork, and photographs. The on-line version can include artwork, photographs, audio and videos. Manuscripts can cover but are not limited to such topics as: the history of the field of critical media literacy, the state of critical media literacy studies and the urgency of critical media literacy knowledge at the present historical moment, critical media literacy in classrooms, etc.

For questions and/or submissions please contact the Editors, Bill Reynolds and/or Brad Porfilio.
Communication Source

William M. Reynolds, Georgia Southern University
Brad Porfilio, San José State University

Editorial Board:

Vonzell Agosto, University of South Florida, USA
Donna Alvermann, University of Georgia, USA
Matthew Attencio, California State East Bay, USA
Lori Bindig, Sacred Heart University, USA
Allison Butler, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Paul Chamness Miller-Kuriyama, Akita International University, Japan
Warren Chrichlow, York University, Canada
Anna Cruz, St. Louis Community College, USA
Arnold Danzig, California Sate University Santa Cruz, USA
Derek Ford, DePauw University, USA
Julie Frechette, Worchester State University, USA
Aristotelis Gkiolmas, University of Athens, Greece
Douglas Kellner, UCLA, USA
Daniel Liou, Arizona State University, USA
Brian Lozenski, Macalester University, USA
Johnny Lupinacci, Washington State University, USA
Tyson Marsh, Seattle University, USA
Peter McLaren, Chapman University, USA
Debangshu Roygardner, CUNY Graduate Center, USA
Lauren Roygardner, CUNY Graduate Center, USA
Jeff Share, UCLA, USA
Shirley Steinberg, University of Calgary, Canada
Lisa William-White, California State East Bay, USA
William Yousman, Sacred Heart University, USA