Journal for Continental Philosophy of Religion

The Journal for Continental Philosophy of Religion is an international peer-reviewed journal for scholars interested in the intersection between continental philosophy and religion. The journal publishes articles of a scholarly nature and book review-essays on every aspect of continental philosophy of religion. We especially welcome studies in one of the following areas:
• Phenomenology of Religion
• Hermeneutics of Religion and Interreligious Dialogue
• German Idealism and Religion
• Psychoanalysis and Religion
• The Philosophical retrieval of Patristic traditions (Greek, Latin and Syrian)
• Religious Imagination (especially the role of visual arts, cinema, and literature)
• Religion and Gender Studies
• The Contribution of Theology in Political Theory and Identity Narratives
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Latest Articles

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Author: Emmanuel Falque
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Author: Karl Hefty
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From Hyperreligious Theism to Religious Atheism
Author: Erik Meganck
Author: Andrew J. Zeppa