Journal of Disability Studies in Education

In: Journal of Disability Studies in Education
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Journal of Disability Studies in Education

Editorial Board

Roger Slee, University of Leeds (Editor-in-Chief) – Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield (Managing Editor) – Antonios Ktenidis, Leeds Beckett University (Managing Editor) – Kirsty Liddiard, University of Sheffield (Managing Editor) – Tim Corcoran, Deakin University – Marnie Best, University of South Australia (Executive Editor) – Angharad Beckett, The University of Leeds – Susan Gabel, Wayne State University – Kathryn Runswick-Cole, University of Sheffield – Tanya Titchkosky, University of Toronto – Missy Morton, The University of Auckland – Linda Ware, cuny

International Editorial Advisory Board

Julie Allan, The University of Birmingham – Michael Apple, University of Wisconsin at Maddison – Andrew Azzopardi, University of Malta – Alicia Broderick, Montclair University – Charlotte Brownlow, University of Southern Queensland – Kate de Bruin, Monash University – Jenene Burke, Federation University – Suzanne Carrington, Queensland University of Technology – Lise Claiborne, University of Waikato – Kathy Cologon, Macquarie University – David Connor, CUNY – Scot Danforth, Chapman College – Joanne Deppeler, Monash University – Beth Ferri, Syracuse University – Lani Florian, The University of Edinburgh – Bjorn Hamre, University of Copenhagen – Tim Loreman, Concordia University – Julianne Moss, Deakin University – Simon Ng, Hong Kong University – Evdoxia Nteropoulou, Nterou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Emily A Nusbaum, University of San Francisco – Patricia O’Brien, University of Sydney – Bethany Rice, Van Loan School at Endicott College – Gordon Tait, Queensland University of Technology – Vianne Timmons, University of Regina – Ben Whitburn, Deakin University

Volumes published in this journal are listed at

Journal of Disability Studies in Education

volume 2 (2022)

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