Journal of Disability Studies in Education

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Roger Slee
The Journal of Disability Studies in Education (JDSE) is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses upon the experiences and outcomes of people with disabilities in education. DSE focuses upon the overt and covert barriers to access to, and presence, participation and success in education for people with disabilities. JDSE will therefore examine the architecture and cultures of education across all sectors: early childhood education; elementary education; secondary education; higher education; vocational training and informal and alternative education provision.

This is a fully Open Access journal, which means that all articles are freely available online, ensuring maximum, worldwide dissemination of content, in exchange for an Article Publication Charge.

As the journal receives a subvention for publication from the University of South Australia the Article Publication Charge is waived. For more information visit the Brill Open dedicated webpage.

JDSE will publish 8 - 10 papers per volume per year. At the end of each volume, the papers will be published as a monograph for purchase. The papers will be published online at regular intervals to maintain the journal’s impact. Manuscripts will be subject to a rigorous anonymous peer review process.

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Open Access

Open Access
Editorial Board:

Professor Roger Slee, University of South Australia (Editor-in-Chief)
Dr Tim Corcoran, Deakin University (Managing Editor)
Dr Marnie Best, University of South Australia (Editorial Coordinator)
Professor Dan Goodley, The University of Sheffield
Professor Kathryn Runswick-Cole, Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor Tanya Titchkosky, University of Toronto
Dr Angharad Beckett, The University of Leeds
Professor Linda Ware, CUNY
Professor Susan Gabel, Wayne State University
Professor Missy Morton, The University of Auckland

International Editorial Advisory Board:

Professor Julie Allan, The University of Birmingham
Professor Michael Apple, University of Wisconsin at Maddison
Professor Andrew Azzopardi, University of Malta
Dr Alicia Broderick, Montclair University
Professor Suzanne Carrington, Queensland University of Technology
Professor David Connor, CUNY
Professor Scot Danforth, Chapman College
Professor Joanne Deppeler, Monash University
Professor Beth Ferri, Syracuse University
Professor Lani Florian, The University of Edinburgh
Professor Julianne Moss, Deakin University
Professor Tim Loreman, Concordia University
Professor Vianne Timmons, University of Regina
Dr Simon Ng, Hong Kong University
Dr Evdoxia Nteropoulou – Nterou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Dr Emily A Nusbaum, University of San Francisco
Professor Gordon Tait, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Ben Whitburn, Deakin University