Journal of Empirical Theology

Editor-in-Chief: Chris Hermans
The Journal of Empirical Theology publishes articles on comparative research in religion on the macro-level of society (especially the function of religion with regard to equality and inequality, social order and cohesion and the process of rationalization), the meso-level of institutions (especially family, public and religiously affiliated schools, health and welfare institutions and religious institutions), and the micro-level of patterns and processes of identity formation and group formation. The journal offers an international forum for scholars from different religions and contexts. It presents articles on empirical research in theology and religious studies, both qualitative and quantitative. The journal contributes to reflection on empirical research methodology and research methods. Each issue contains articles based on empirical research and/or research methodology, as well as a section of book reviews. Special attention is paid to research on topics relevant to religiously affiliated schools, such as religious and spiritual education, moral education and school leadership.
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Executive Editor
Chris Hermans, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Associate Editors
Mandy Robbins, Wrexham Glyndŵr University, UK
Ulrich Riegel, University of Siegen, Germany

Book Review Editor
Emily Karim, Wrexham Glyndŵr University, UK

Board of Editors
A. Bucher (Salzburg)
D. Davies (Durham)
S. Demmrich (Münster
J. Dreyer (Pretoria)
L.J. Francis (Warwick)
R.R. Ganzevoort (Amsterdam)
N. Mette (Dortmund)
S. Miedema (Amsterdam)
Chr. Morgenthaler (Bern)
M. Scherer-Rath (Nijmegen)
H. Schilderman (Nijmegen)
C. Sterkens (Nijmegen)
F. Schweitzer (Tübingen)
J.A. van der Ven (Nijmegen)
P. Vermeer (Nijmegen)
H.-G. Ziebertz (Würzburg)

Board of Consulting Editors
F.V. Anthony (Roma)
J. Astley (Durham)
F. Clooney (Boston)
O. Fuchs (Tübingen)
K. Gabriel (Vechta)
R. Grimes (Waterloo)
H.-G. Heimbrock (Frankfurt a.M.)
R.J. Hunter (Atlanta)
D. Hutsebaut (Leuven)
J. Janssen (Nijmegen)
J. Nadeau (Montreal)
J. O'Keefe (Chesnut Hill)
F. Oser (Fribourg)
R. Osmer (Princeton)
D. Pollefeyt (Leuven)
B. Porzelt (Regensburg)
G. Rossiter (Strathfield)
P. Scheepers (Nijmegen)