Journal of Islamic Ethics

Editor: Mohammed Ghaly
The focus of the Journal of Islamic Ethics is on the ethical approaches embedded in Islamic philosophy, theology, mysticism and jurisprudence as well as Islamic civilization in general, and, more particularly, on the principles and methods (to be) followed in applying these approaches to various sectors of contemporary social life. These fields include: Arts, Environment, Economics, Education, Gender, Media, Medicine, Migration & Human Rights, Politics and Psychology. The Journal strongly focuses on thematic issues on current events as well as on individual empirical case studies.

The Journal of Islamic Ethics is a full Open Access journal sponsored by the Research Center of Islamic Legislation and Ethics in Doha (Qatar), which is affiliated to the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

Latest Articles

Open Access
Overcoming Religious Illiteracy: Towards a More Inclusive Approach to Islamic Bioethics
محو الأمّيةّ الدينية: نحو منهج أكثر شمولا لدراسة الأخلاقيات الحيو ية الإسلامية
Open Access
Trust, Trusting and Trustworthiness in Ethical Discourse
الأمانة كمفهوم أخلاقي: الأمانة والثقة وحسن الظن في الخطاب الأخلاقي

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