Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

The Journal of Islamic Manuscripts explores the crucial importance of the handwritten book in the Muslim world. It is concerned with the written transmission of knowledge, the numerous varieties of Islamic book culture and the materials and techniques of bookmaking, namely codicology. It also considers activities related to the care and management of Islamic manuscript collections, including cataloguing, conservation and digitization. It is the journal’s ambition to provide students and scholars, librarians and collectors – in short, everyone who is interested in Islamic manuscripts – with a professional journal and functional platform of their own. It welcomes contributions in English, French and Arabic on codicology, textual studies, manuscript collections and collection care and management. Papers will be peer-reviewed to maintain a high scholarly level. The Journal of Islamic Manuscripts is published on behalf of the Islamic Manuscript Association Limited, an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Islamic manuscripts and supporting those who work with them.
For enquiries and submission of articles for the Journal please contact the editor, Prof. Jan Just Witkam in Leiden.

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