Journal of Jesuit Studies

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Aleksander Maryks
This is a full Open Access journal. All articles are available for free from the moment of publication and authors do not pay an article publication charge.

The Journal of Jesuit Studies (JJS) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal dedicated to the study of Jesuit history from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century. It welcomes articles on all aspects of the Jesuit past and present including, but not limited to, the Jesuit role in the arts and sciences, theology, philosophy, mission, literature, and interreligious/inter-cultural encounters.

In its themed issues the JJS highlights studies with a given topical, chronological or geographical focus. In addition there are two open-topic issues per year. The journal publishes a significant number of book reviews as well. One of the key tasks of the JJS is to relate episodes in Jesuit history, particularly those which have suffered from scholarly neglect, to broader trends in global history over the past five centuries. The journal also aims to bring the highest quality non-Anglophone scholarship to an English-speaking audience by means of translated original articles.

The Journal of Jesuit Studies is published in Open Access thanks to generous support from the following institutions:

- Fairfield University
- Loyola University Chicago
- Universidad Iberoamericana
- Universidad Loyola Andalucía
- The University of Scranton

To keep up to date with new publications, events and historic dates about the Jesuits, follow the Journal of Jesuit Studies Facebook page.

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Robert A. Maryks, Independent Scholar

Executive Editor
Emanuele Colombo, DePaul University

Associate Editor
Kathleen Comerford, Georgia Southern University

Book Review Editor
Thomas M. McCoog S.J., Loyola University Maryland

Editorial Board
James Bernauer S.J., Boston College
Louis Caruana S.J., Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome
Paul Grendler, University of Toronto, emeritus
Yasmin Haskell, University of Bristol
Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, Penn State University
Mia Mochizuki, Independent Scholar
Sabina Pavone, Università degli Studi di Macerata
Moshe Sluhovsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jeffrey Chipps Smith, The University of Texas at Austin

“In the past twenty years scholarship on the history of the Jesuits has surged to new heights on any international basis and has attained a new maturity. Scholars from dozens of disciplines have applied their skills to the rich documentation the Jesuits, their friends, and their enemies have left behind. They have shown how the Jesuits provide a window into an incredible number of aspects of modern history. The time has arrived for a new journal to ensure that the best of this scholarship reach the widest possible audience. The JJS will not only fulfill that role but, under the energetic editorship of Robert Maryks, stimulate scholarship even further.”
John W. O'Malley S.J., Georgetown University

“This journal is strong in every respect, from the editorial policy to the homepage, online access and the production schedule. Citations are very high, giving an indication of the importance of the journal in its field. There can be no question that it merits inclusion in Scopus.”
Anonymous reviewer for Scopus.