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Review Essays should be between 3,500–5,000 words in length and have a comparative focus on at least two relevant monographs or edited volumes, published within the last five years. You can submit your proposal to the Managing Editors.
Publishers are not welcome to send review copies to the journal.

For remaining questions please contact the Managing Editors: Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam and Amirhossein Vafa.
David Damrosch, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
Theo D’haen, University of Leuven, Belgium
Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Francesca Orsini, SOAS University of London, UK

Managing Editors
Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands
Amirhossein Vafa, Shiraz University, Iran

Editorial Board
Michael Allan, University of Oregon, Oregon, USA
Omid Azadibougar, Hunan Normal University, China
Helena Buescu, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Jérôme David, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Wiebke Denecke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA
César Domínguez, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Amal Eqeiq, Williams College, Massachusetts, USA
Satoru Hashimoto, University of Maryland, Maryland, USA
May Hawas, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
Stefan Helgesson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Kader Konuk, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany
Haiyan Lee, Stanford University, California, USA
Pieter Vermeulen, University of Leuven, Belgium
Amy Motlagh, University of California, Davis, USA
Laetitia Nanquette, University of New South Wales, Australia
Marta Pacheco Pinto, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Jale Parla, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
Ronit Ricci, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Franca Sinopoli, University of Rome I, La Sapienza, Italy
Bhavya Tiwari, University of Houston, Texas, USA
Adam Talib, Durham University, UK
Karen Thornber, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
Delia Ungureanu, University of Bucharest, Romania

International Advisory Board
Elleke Boehmer, University of Oxford, UK
Hélène Buzelin, University of Montréal, Canada
Andrew Chesterman, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ferial Ghazoul, American University in Cairo, Egypt
Assaad Khairallah, American University in Beirut, Lebanon
Sheldon Pollock, Columbia University, NY, USA
Bruce Robbins, Columbia University, NY, USA
Haun Saussy, University of Chicago, Illinois, USA
Ken Seigneurie, Simon Fraser University, Canada
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"The differences between JWL and a typical comparative literature journal lie in the number and variety of literatures that a given volume considers, in the expectation that readers want to learn something about languages and cultures about which they have little prior knowledge, and in the authors’ commitments to framing their arguments in ways that promise to advance world literary study." - John Burt Foster, Jr., George Mason University, in: Recherche Littéraire, Vol. 33 2017 pp. 249-254
Everyone interested in literature and literary studies, literary criticism, world literature, comparative literature, translation, fiction, poetry

Journal of World Literature

The Journal of World Literature (JWL) aspires to bring together scholars interested in developing the concept of World Literature, and to provide the most suitable environment for contributions from all the world’s literary traditions. It creates a forum for re-visiting global literary heritages, discovering valuable works that have been undeservedly ignored, and introducing aspects of the transnational global dissemination of literature, with translation as a focus. The journal welcomes submissions that can concurrently imagine any literary tradition, in any language, moving beyond national frames to simultaneously discuss and develop the cosmopolitan threads of a variety of literary traditions. It also welcomes contributions from scholars of different research backgrounds working collaboratively as well as from group research projects interested in showcasing their findings, in order to meet the challenge of a wider and deeper discussion of literature’s networks.

The editorial board of the JWL has begun accepting submissions for open-call issues.

The introductions of the issues of the first two years are available Open Access to familiarize yourself with JWL and its applied scope.
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Latest Issue

World Texts of Undocumented Migration
Author: Jyhene Kebsi
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World Literature In and For Pandemic Times, Continued
Author: David Damrosch
Magical Medicine and the Faust Tradition
Author: Dustin Lovett
A Tandem Reading of José Saramago’s Blindness and Orhan Pamuk’s The White Castle
Re-reading Michel Foucault alongside José Saramago and Daniel Defoe
Author: Nathanael Pree
Global Logistics in Ling Ma’s Severance
Author: Anna Muenchrath
Designs for Circulation
Author: Sándor Hites
Restricted Access
Kim Suyŏng’s Take Translation of Boris Pasternak
Authors: Jung A Choi and Han Sung Kim
Author: Nadège Lejeune
Elena Ferrante and Roberto Bolaño in the International Literary Field
Author: Elisa Sotgiu