The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals

Editors-in-Chief: Freya Baetens and Régis Bismuth
Managing Editor: Cheryl Dunn-Mabire
The 2020 Rosalyn Higgins Prize Awarded. Click here to read.

The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals is firmly established as the leading journal in its field. Each issue will give you the latest developments with respect to the preparation, adoption, suspension, amendment and revision of Rules of Procedure as well as statutory and internal rules and other related matters. The Journal will also provide you with the latest practice with respect to the interpretation and application of rules of procedure and constitutional documents, which can be found in judgments, advisory opinions, written and oral pleadings as well as legal literature.

Procedural matters covered in the Journal include:
• the bench,
• representation of the parties,
• institution of contentious proceedings,
• written proceedings and related matters,
• oral proceedings,
• proceedings in chambers,
• absence of appearance,
• provisional measures of protection,
• preliminary objections,
• counterclaims,
• intervention by third States,
• discontinuance of proceedings,
• the decision,
• interpretation and revision of judgments,
• advisory proceedings,
• evidence,
• witnesses,
• experts,
• the extra-judicial function.

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